Wednesday, August 6, 2014

One man's trash is an Artist's treasure!!

Being an artist most of my life has afforded me the opportunity of meeting and forging friendships with many like-minded creative individuals. I've learned through these years and these relationships that even though we all have our own unique styles and talents, there is one thing we definitely have in common... we are hoarders!! Keep in mind, not just any run of the mill kind of hoarder, we are art supply hoarders!! We have come to justify this addiction to ourselves with logical arguments... "someday that will come in handy, I just know it would work perfectly in that project that I'm planning to do!" Of course, we have forgotten that we have several dozen potential "works" in progress!! When you are a "jack of all mediums", as I proudly confess to be, you need supplies for all inevitable possibilities. You need to be prepared when your muse shows it's pretty little head and inspiration calls your name!! The worst thing ever would be to start and not have what's needed to fulfill your creative vision!! An artist's motto is to Be Prepared (it's OK, some of us were actually Scouts!) so it goes, a hoarder is born!  As I once again write out a check for the storage unit that houses all of my "overflow" supplies, I quickly remind myself..."I'm an artist with a plan!"

Every little effort helps... If you have a stack of fabric scraps that only seems to keep getting taller, it's time to have some fun!! I'm definitely not a seamstress, it is not something I could ever begin to master, but I love the fabric! Such an array of patterns and vivid colors, how can one not be drawn to the possibilities!! I came up with a couple simple projects and as a result, I have one less pile!!  Oops, I just remembered... now where am I going to store these?  

In this first picture below:  Bookmarks... I used the sewing machine that I inherited from my Mother (she would be livid if she knew I was sewing paper!) to collage fabric and paper on the one side shown, I added an inspirational thought on the other.


 In this second picture below:  Cuff Bracelets... These are created by Locker Hooking, a technique similar to hooking a rug but on a much smaller scale.

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