Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's Fair Time in Northeast Washington...

One of the most anticipated events of summer in rural America is our local fairs... the County Fair is more than just a place to see farm animals, it's become a venue of competition for children and adults of all ages. No matter what your talents may be, there is a category for you to compete in. Whether you excel in Baking, Canning, Cake Decorating, Growing of Vegetables or Flowers, Arts & Crafts, Quilt making, Photography, Fine Arts, Floral Arranging, Wool Spinning & Weaving (the list goes on and on!) you have the opportunity to take home the coveted "Best of Show" prize!!

For the past several years I have been judging   "Children's Fine Arts".  I take this duty very seriously! Whatever I  have to say about these kid's art work as well as what ribbon I award each piece has the potential to encourage or discourage fragile budding talents. There are two age categories, all work from an 8 year old or younger is given a "Rainbow" colored ribbon, but I do give each one a personal comment of encouragement. It's a little more complex for the older kids... I take into consideration their age and the work they have created before awarding them a Blue, Red or White ribbon. I have learned to always write something positive about their work before I attempt any technical criticism. As an artist, I am well aware that art is subjective... I do my best to keep this in mind and I strive to make this as positive an experience as possible for these young people.

Below are samples of some works of art that were entered this year. 

This was awarded the special "Judge's Choice"  Ribbon


  1. Oh gosh! Thanks goodness I'm not a judge...I'd be walking around with only the blue ribbons to pin! Ha! It's cool that you give words or encouragement. Sometimes a tiny thing you say, can have a big impact on someone. :)

    1. The first couple of years and had a lot of anxiety about hurting someone's feelings... now I just have fun!! Thanks for commenting...I love feedback!!

  2. Thank you for being so encouraging to the little ones.
    I was stopped from being an artist at 13years of age - needless to say as soon as I became free (retired) I started again.