Friday, August 22, 2014

Don't just think it... Journal It !

In a recent post, I openly confessed to being a life long Doodler! Very few supplies are needed to pursue this art form... something to draw with and something to draw on... (you can't get much more basic than that!) Yes, I am guilty of "Janoodling" on just about anything I can put my hands on, but I do enjoy having a special designated pad or book to create on. (It's amazing how many people get upset when you decorate their magazine covers or that growing stack of junk mail on the counter!)  To that end, I was inspired to go a step farther and make my own Art Journals. My plan provided the extra challenge of coming up with cover designs as well as ways to bind the pages and construct a sturdy useful book. Through the years I've created a variety of books in many styles and sizes, some more successful than others but they all provided plenty of fun!! Whether you're looking for an Art Journal, Travel Journal or a personal Diary, jump in and make your own... it's not rocket science, it's's ART!! Happy Creating!

In creating my most recent journals, I combined a few different mediums and techniques that I enjoy... collage, handmade paper and fiber. Each individually sewn cover design and pages made of 100% cotton, were bond together using the Yotsume Toji binding method. 

Below: examples of Art Journals made in this style...where's my pen? 




  1. Gorgeous books! The covers look quilted.

  2. I love your journals! I tend to doodle on everything available too. My boss shakes her head whenever she walks past my desk and sees my "notes".

  3. Want to do a 'Pregnancy' journal for my youngest and just cannot start .... now realise that the 'book' is all wrong ... I will make the pages and then bind them together at the end. THANK YOU for your inspiration.