Saturday, July 19, 2014

What's in a name... mine says it all?!

"What's Up?" Porcelain Hedouni Sculpture
Yes, there is a reason I'm called Claywoman... No, it is not my super heroine alter ego... if you haven't guessed it yet, it's all about creating with clay! I love to touch it, squeeze it, pound it, roll it, twist it, mold it, sculpt it... I just love the feel of it between my fingers!! There are many types and colors of clay but my all time favorite is pure white Porcelain. It has a wonderful elastic quality that is perfect for working very thin, creating a translucent effect as well as smooth detailed finishes. I'm getting itchy fingers just talking about it!! Due to circumstances beyond my control I had been unable to acquire studio space to do my work, until now! I am back in action...the kiln is plugged in, the shelves are loaded with supplies, the worktables are set up and 50 lbs of fresh porcelain is waiting to become works of art... life is back in balance!  

I guess I have jumped the gun a bit...I should have said "as soon as I find time"... at least now I have a glimmer of hope and a studio, ready to go for me & my muse!!  Check back...before you know it, there will be more to see!!

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