Monday, July 14, 2014

Welcome to my blog!

I've tried to figure out just what it is that I think everyone would be interested in reading about... after all, why do I think that I have anything worth saying!? I finally decided to just jump in and let the rambling begin...hopefully someone , somewhere will find a tidbit or two to make the time spent here not a complete waste of time!! 
One thing I know for sure is that ART in all shapes & forms, will be ever present as a topic... I love creating it, talking about it, seeing it, touching it and sharing it!! Throw in a bit of "travel talk" with an occasional opinion on "life in general" and that's pretty much what this blog is all about!
So... if that is something that interests you at all, I hope that you will stop by regularly to see what's going on...Blessings!!

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