Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summertime and the living is easy...

Summertime splendor... that's what today seemed like to me. After a long stretch of hot, sizzling days we finally managed to get a break in the weather. The day started out to be cool and cloudy, eventually a thunderstorm moved it's way in to add drama to the afternoon. What a wonderful change, days like today are what I enjoy most about summers in the Inland Northwest!

Lucky for me I also received the added blessing of having plans that took me out of town and into the countryside for the day. A friend and I had been invited to another friends home for lunch and a visit , of course that is code for a good old fashion "gab fest"! Upon our arrival, I was reminded just how tranquil of a setting it truly is...nestled deep into the forest, surrounded by all the natural beauty that our area has to offer. When you enter our friends home, you can't help but realize that an artist lives there. Everywhere you turn, something catches your eye. Whether it's her personal works of art that she has created through the years or the works of other artists, a warm and inviting feeling shines through and makes you feel right at home.  

Our Hostess had prepared a wonderful frittata and a feast of salads as well as a fresh baked strawberry/rhubarb pie. Of course as a considerate guest I proceeded to eat everything put before could I possibly say no to a scoop of ice cream on my pie?! 

Needless to say, some exercise was just the thing needed to counteract that feeling of being "stuffed". No visit would be complete without going out to the garden, a magical wonderland of wildflowers and vegetables.  A feast for all one's senses! Vibrant, bold colors of every imaginable hue shimmering in the afternoon sun, each one vying for your attention with every turn of your head. Fragrances intermingling in the air, competing to be sweeter than the next, all waiting to be singled out by your discriminating nose. Foliage of all shapes, sizes and textures are just screaming to be touched in an adoring way. The buzzing sounds of the bees as they have their fill of golden nectar, the rustling sounds in the bushes that make you seek out a glimpse of the birds you know are hiding within, all seem to keep you on alert. Ripe raspberries and tomatoes plucked off their vines, tempting you to enjoy the explosion of sweetness in your mouth as you sneak a taste that was meant to be saved for later. A gentle rain followed by thunder and lightning managed to brake the spell of this wonderful place and drive us back to the house. 

The time soon came for us to bid our goodbyes as well as to thank our gracious hostess for sharing this time and her very special place with us. Ahhhh, days like this are what summertime is made of...fabulous friends, food and beauty!
Yes, I am Truly Blessed and most important, I know it!!

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