Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Reboot? Thanks, I needed that!!

There are those days in all of our lives when we feel like turning over and just pulling the covers over our heads instead of going out into the big bad world! Of course, we quickly come to the conclusion that we should muster up the needed energy to make the most of this day that we have been given. No matter what the rigors of our daily routines or how strong we perceive ourselves to be, at some point we find ourselves seeking out the one thing that always seems to be our refuge. It could be listening to a favorite piece of music or possibly reading from a volume of poetry by one of the literary immortals. You could choose the excitement of a challenging video game or simply turning on the TV to watch a program that doesn't require you to think past the moment. We all have that certain something, our own special recipe for providing a comfort that we don't need to or want to share!! No, it's not selfish, it's survival... it's just like maintaining a computer, we need to reboot occasionally and in the end, we will actually be better for it!!

I must admit that I do indeed have those times when I'm in need of a reboot!! Whether I'm feeling a little under the weather or possibly a bit melancholy for whatever the reason; maybe it's a stormy winter day that keeps me from going out of doors or simply a lazy, hot summer afternoon (107 today!)... I want to escape!! For the past several years, my "go to" remedy has been my all-time favorite movie... Enchanted April. It's really not important for me to tell you what it's about. I'm sure, if you are a movie buff, that you have your own chosen favorite. No matter how many times I've watched it ( I'm sure I'm into triple digits), it never lets me down. My friends love to kid me about knowing all of the dialogue by heart and it is most definitely true! That fact holds a real sense of comfort for me, I can always rely on it to be the same. I repeatedly lose myself in the time period and location of the story as well as enjoy a familiar tie and appreciation for all of the characters. It's like coming home... the ultimate gauge of comfort... just click your heels and say  "there's no place like home"... oops, wrong movie! Now don't run off thinking I'm a little goofy... it's not like I think I'm one of the characters... movies are made for you to escape into a "story" unlike your own, even for a brief moment in time!!

We all know that when the reboot is complete, the computer will once again run at peek efficiency... So, enjoy whatever your personal operating system might be and make the most of your day!!

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