Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kids can't have all the fun!?

As a kid I used to love going to county fairs or amusement parks. It always seemed to be a hot summer day when we went, not to mention the hottest part of the day!! After a short time exploring the attractions, I would start my pursuit of something refreshing to cool me off! Actually, I had my own secret agenda for going along, (in hind sight, I'm sure my parents always knew)... what could possibly cool you off better than a Snow Cone?! After finally finding the Snow Cone booth, I would run to get my place in line. Patiently waiting my turn, I would take that time to make my final decision of what flavor to choose!! So many choices and all those wonderful colors, I always came to the same conclusion..."A rainbow cone, please!!"  They never disappointed me... that wonderful icy treat in the pointed paper cone always put a "multi-colored" smile on my face!!

This afternoon,  I was invited over to a friends house. It turned out to be another hot day, one of several in a row! My friend had recently purchased an Hawaiian Shaved Ice machine and he wanted to share the fun of making snow cones! Within minutes, there I was back in time, trying to make up my mind on the flavor I wanted! "A rainbow cone, please!"  Who says that you can't go back... today I was just as happy as I was so many years ago, enjoying this simple & magical treat! As I looked around the patio and saw everyone's "multi-colored" smiles shining in the summer sun,  I was thankful to be alive!!

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