Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just how golden are these "Golden Years"?!

It seems that from the first day we become a part of the "Working Force of America" the word Retirement becomes a constant subject of concern. We are required to sign forms for Social Security deductions from our paychecks and eventually after about a year of loyal service we are given the opportunity to participate in the company's 401K program with the intent to ensure added funds for our Golden Years. For the next few decades of employment we hold on through thick and thin,  planning and dreaming about all the wonders that Our Retirement will afford us! Then not so suddenly, the big day arrives...coworkers wish you well, the boss shakes your hand, you cut the cake, gather your belongings and head out on the journey you've been waiting for, Retirement!! No matter what our financial situation ended up to be, money is not the only factor of what this season of our lives require. Good health, family and friends, worthwhile pursuits of our interests are all part of the big plan and all well deserved... I pray that it is a reality for everyone!! 
A positive and healthy frame of mind is a major key to living a happy and productive life no matter what our age. In this fast paced age of all things electronic, I find this to be quite the challenge! Everywhere I turn, on the internet, on television or in magazines, it seems the focus is on this Baby Boomer market mentality. Advertising agencies have sold their clients on targeting retirees and all the needs that they will eventually need!! You can't watch an old TV show or movie without every commercial directing you to your eventual fate... Help, I've fallen & I can't get up! How can we possibly consider not having Life Alert? Aren't we fortunate that we can have discreet packages of Adult Diapers and medical supplies sent to our homes directly, all covered by Medicare!? Mobility Scooters, Life Style Facelifts, Funeral Insurance, Medicare Supplement Plans, AARP and of course, every medication imaginable, no matter what the side effects... the list goes on and on!!
Did someone say "positive frame of mind"? Well in spite of it all, I choose to ignore it all and I will Count My Blessings...oh yeah, most important...TURN OFF that TV and enjoy yourself... you earned these Golden Years!!

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  1. I so agree with you - what you are NOT told is how painful it will be and how slow you will get!!! I became sick and tired of telling Sales Staff that 'white hair does not mean stupid'!! so I went pink .... well, why not? lol