Friday, July 25, 2014

Cast out your fishing line ... there's no limit!!

As an artist, I believe first and foremost in having fun with ART... Not everything we do has to be a serious work of art that seeks out appreciation through the ages or something worthy of receiving a high price to validate it's worth! So, with this in mind, I have found a wonderful outlet that allows me to experiment with my more whimsical and free spirited side! I am part of an art exchange group titled "PIF Funky Fish", translated "Pay it Forward"... the main premise is to create a fish using a template that's provided for it's shape, you can use any medium and style of art that you wish for creating his personality. 

The exchange begins with the first person offering a fish for someone to claim, if you are the one who claims the fish, then you PIF by offering a fish to someone else...this continues indefinitely, fish are claimed & fish are offered... the fun is in the collecting as well as the creating. I enjoy claiming as many different artist's work as possible. I must admit, I do have a few favorites that I try to get to before anyone's a dog eat dog world or maybe it's more like the early bird catches the worm!!

Here is a selection of some Funky Fish that I have claimed for my collection, all created by my fellow artists. As you can see, there is a variety of styles and mediums, with each one being an original and unique work of  art!

Below are a few examples of the fish that I offered for the Swap!

The "PIF Funky Fish" Swap can be found on the ATC's for All website that I've mentioned in a previous post. There is a link to their site under My Favorites... take some time to check out all the wonderful and fun things this site has to offer!! On the site, Go to the Forum...Under the category "Mail Art Trades" you will find more FUN than you can handle!!  I feel I have to remind you... this can be addicting!!    Happy Creating... 


  1. Ugh! I wanna do this swap, but I get so bogged with other things. You have a fine collection! Your works are gorgeous m'dear!

    1. Thanks for your comments... we need some new blood in the Funky Fish Swap...join!!

  2. I love those fish - maybe we could start one with Elephants!!! Trunks up of course!